Twelve O' Nine & Bluestone
Both On Same (CD)

Twelve 'O Nine
  1. "Sockeye" -----------------------------Don Reno
  2. "I'm Gonna Put You Down" ----Tracey Swartz
  3. "The Twelve-O-Nine" -----Carter & Ellsworth
  4. "All For the Love of a Girl" ----Johnny Horton
  5. "Alone and Broken Hearted" ----Jake Landers
  6. "False Hearted Lover" ----------Marty Robbins
  7. "Stump Jumpin'" ----------------------Dick Laird
Recorded 1999
    8. "It's Too Late" -------------------------------Tommy Neal
    9. "Taxes, Troubles and Heartaches" ------Carroll Swam
    10. "Better Luck Next Time" -----------------Reno & Smiley
    11. "Run River Run" ----------------------------Kenny Loggins
    12. "One of These Days" ---------------------------Lester Flatt
    13. "Blues of Tomorrow" ------------------------Carroll Swam
    14. "God Put a Rainbow in the Clouds" ----------R. Weinsett
  1. "Ribbon of Darkness" ----Gordon Lightfoot
  2. "Will the Roses Bloom" --------I &J Blevins
  3. "Old Timey Risin Damp" --------Traditional
  4. "I'm Goin' Up" ------------------Tommy Neal
  5. "Rovin' on a Winter's Night" ----Ian Tyson
Recorded 1993
    6. "One More Night" -------------------------Bob Dylan
    7. "Elzic's Farewell" --------------------Public Domain
    8. "Red Velvet" -------------------------------Ian Tyson
    9. "Teardrops in My Eyes" -----R. Allen & T. Sutton
Solataire (CD)
  1. "Solataire" ---------------------------------Holyfield
  2. "Lost Love Blues" -------------------------L Frizell
  3. "I Wish I Had A Nickel" ---------------H Williams
  4. "The Last Request" ------------------Jake Landers
  5. "Coal Stays In The Ground"----Carter/Ellsworth
  6. "Lincoln Highway" --------------------Tommy Neal
  7. "Eyes'" ------------------------------------Jeff Laird
    8 "Colours" --------------------------------Donovan Leicth
    9 "The Longer You Wait" ------------Merle R. Haggard
    10 "Troubles" -------------------------------------Don Gibson
    11 "When My Heart Goes Walkin'" -------Swam/Sarubin
    12 "We Should Be Together" -----------------Don Williams
    13 "Take Back The Heart" ----------------------Bill Clifton
    14 "Drifting Too Far From The Shore" ----Public Domain

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